TED-Ed shows us how we could one day digitally upload our brains to a computer in this fascinating animation.

In it, they tell us how it would work if we wanted to convert our mushy grey matter into a series of ones and zeros. If we were able to vastly improve our ability to scan a brain and get all of the information from within, we could create a digital version of it which would work exactly like the real thing. But we’re still a long way off doing that. Even though scientists can scan brains with an MRI, we can’t create an accurate enough picture to fully recreate it faithfully.

TED-Ed Animation Shows Us How We Could Upload Our Brains To A Computer image of TED-Ed

Another big issue is that we don’t actually know what every bit of the brain does. Unlike almost every other organ in the body, the brain is incredibly difficult to map and analyse. But on the other hand, scientists know how they could create a digital brain, it’s just that we don’t currently have the tech to do it. So it’s more like an inevitability than an impossibility.

TED-Ed|Digital Brains|2D Animation

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