TED-Ed find out about the super-cute, yet super lethal, sea lion in this charming, old-school style animation.


Sea lions are often categorised as cute and cuddly animals. With their funny and dopey behaviour, puppy-dog eyes and chubby exteriors, most people assume that the sea mammals are totally harmless! Although humans have nothing to worry about, small fish in the sea are constantly at risk of being munched on by sea lions. This animation tells us all the amazing features that sea lions have that allows them to be expert predators in the wild.

TED-Ed Animation Looks At The Super-Cute (And Super Lethal!) Sea Lion gif of sea lion

We learn how sea lions are able to hunt for food hundreds of feet under the sea and how they can sense other fish that are really far away, thanks to their super-sensitive whiskers. We also learn how the cuddly sea creatures are being affected by climate change. Tragically, warmer seas mean that more deadly algae is growing, which is ending up in sea lion’s stomachs, causing more deaths than ever before.

Sea Lions|TED-Ed|Animation

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