Taylor Swift meets up with British Vogue and tests out her knowledge of English slang in this interview.

Taylor recently moved to London and has since fallen in love with the UK capital. She shouted out some of her favourite spots in her new song London Boy. She recounted nights out in Hackney, walks in Camden and trips to Brixton. The song is also littered with snippets of her using London slang. In this video, she asked to recall some of her favourite phrases. Her most loved ones are “chuffed” meaning happy, “well fit”, meaning very attractive and “having a kip” meaning having a nap.

Taylor Swift Tests Out Her Knowledge Of British Slang With Vogue image of Taylor Swift

It sounds like she’s really enjoying living in the UK. She also talks about some more serious topics in the interview as well, like turning 30, self-esteem about herself and the pressures of being a female pop icon in 2019. It’s an interesting and revealing interview that gives us a new insight into the mind of the one of the most successful and talented musicians of the 21st century.

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