Tag Heuer released this classy promo that shows off their new line of smart watches.

When the Apple Watch came out, it probably spooked a few luxury watch brands. In a world where your watch is now an advanced piece of tech, would analog watches become obsolete? But smart watches took a while to take off, which gave brands like Tag Heuer time to catch up. Now, they’re competing with the big boys of tech and show off their brill new smart watches in this ad.

Tag Heuer Made This Classy Promo For Their New

In it, we see various athletes taking on new and exciting challenges. The watch helps them to perfect their skills and raise their game. We also see the range of sportsmen and women who will benefit by using these watches. Cyclists, joggers and golfers can all take their abilities to the next level with Tag Heuer. It’s a beautifully shot promo that shows us just how impactful this line will be. For people who love the look of luxury but also want to get in on the smart fitness craze, these products are ideal. Will you be getting your hands on one? Let us know down in the comments below.

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