Visual artist Pedro Machado takes a deep dive into an ordinary object, a ballpoint pen. It’s just a boring item, something you might find at your work desk, but Pedro shows us a whole new side to a seemingly uninteresting thing.

Pedro uses CGI and scientific knowledge to show us the inside of the tip of a pen. Soon enough, we’ve zoomed in so far that we’re seeing things that no naked human eye could ever see. Eventually, we’re actually inside the atoms that make up the structure of the pen. The peak of the zoom takes us inside of the pen’s gravitational metric field. After that, the shot starts to zoom out, taking us back out of the pen and back into normality.

The video is scored by Pink Floyd, making the whole thing feel like a psychedelic music video. The different elements that are shown as we zoom in further and further are really stunning to look at. It actually looks pretty similar to trippy patterns that wouldn’t look out of place in 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s a brilliantly simplistic idea that’s perfectly executed by Pedro in this video.

Pedro Machado|The Super Zoom|Short Form

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