Passion Pictures show off this stunning short animation which depicts a charming, yet turbulent relationship between two young lovers.

The video follows a similar formula to classic Italian romantic comedies. Boy meets girl, girl looses boy, boy chases women around beautiful continental landscape to get her back, then it all ends with a big kiss under moonlight. It’s a tried and tested formula that tugs at the heartstrings. And with this animation, it’s never looked prettier! Although a lot of the story is told through music that’s in Italian, the animation provides handy subtitles at the bottom to help us keep up with what’s going on!

Stunning Animation Tells A Beautiful Love Story image of animation

The film was made in collaboration with director Chiara Luber and this has to be some of her best work yet! The whole thing feels like a moving version of gorgeous 1960s art deco-style travel posters. We’re totally transported into a breath taking animated Italian landscape. It’s like a little weekend city break away, all without the hassle of the travel! So book pick up your phone or log into your computer and get ready to have a totally free trip, courtesy of! You can get the next one, yeah?

Paroles d’Amour|Passion Pictures & Chiara Luber|Animation

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