Do you ever feel like since smartphones and iPads came into your life, you’ve had a harder time focusing on just one thing? Well, you’re not going crazy. Countless studies have found that screen time can have a negative impact on your attention span.

For kids, the risk is even higher. If you’re surrounded by screens from a young age, you’re going to have a weaker attention span than those kids who aren’t. Now, that’s what’s happening around the world. This short animation explains the worrying concept of attentional inequality. Parents on lower incomes send their children to schools which are more likely to use screens, to save money on teaching assistants. Furthermore, if the parents are working all the time, this means they’re more likely to plonk their kid in front of an iPad, rather than take them on a walk around the park.

Stunning Animation Explains The Attentional Inequality Crisis image of attentional inequality

This means that we’re at risk of having a gap between the attention spans of kids with rich parents and children with poorer parents. The animation is an ad for the Ezra Klein Podcast. The promo gives us a tantalising taste of what the podcast is about whilst also being a really cool piece of content in its own right.

The Ezra Klein Podcast|Louis Wes|Animation

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