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Coldplay – Daddy Music Video

BR Football Shows Us Van Dijk's Best Premier League Moments In Stop-Motion image of Virgil Van Dijk

Watch Virgil Van Dijk Get Animated!

Stop-Motion Short Film Tells The Story Of One Women's Tough Career In Music image of Laurie Lindeen

The Reality Of The Music Industry

Stop Motion Animation Reveals The History Of The GIF image of the history of the GIF

An Animated History Of The GIF

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WWF – Adopt A Better Future

The World Wildlife Fund tells you to adopt a better future in this moving stop-motion ad.

In it, we see a jaguar running through a dense jungle. Its natural habitat is being burned and cut down by massive bulldozers. Just when it looks like there’s no hope for the poor creature, a young girl emerges from the distance. She stands in front of the truck with other people and manages to stop it in its tracks. By focusing her mind, she’s able to deconstruct the vehicle, rendering it useless.

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