Famed horror author Stephen King talks about how he predicted the rise of Donald Trump over 40 years ago.

Well, in fairness, he didn’t predict that Trump himself would be president. But, the main character of one of his books is almost identical to The Donald. In his book, The Dead Zone, a real estate mogul called Greg Stillson rises to power in the US, eventually becoming president. He’s loud, outlandish and corrupt. Sound familiar at all?

Stephen King Talks About How He Predicted President Trump In 1979 image of Trump

Since Donald Trump became president, many people are looking back at this book and are surprised to see just how many similarities there are between its main character and the current president. In this interview with Now This, King tells us how he came up with the idea for the character in the first place. He never thought that his fictional book would become a reality. However, he did write a character which he thought would have a shot of becoming President in real life, against all odds. It’s interesting to see the parallels and how life can sometimes imitate art.

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