Stella Artois tells you to un-cancel your plans with people this leap year. In a world where we’re more connected than ever, it’s also easier than ever to cancel plans at a moments notice.

But in 2020, we’ve been blessed with a unique opportunity. We’ve been given an extra day. To correct a slight miscalculation in our pesky Gregorian calendar, this year has 366 days in it, as opposed to the typical 365. February runs to the 29th instead of the 28th, so you’ve got some extra time to meet up with your mates.

Stella Artois Tells You To Un-Cancel Your Plans This Leap Day image of Stella Artois

In this ad, Stella matches up friends who have a reputation of flaking on each other and takes them out for a meal. Each of them realise that they always regret cancelling plans, but that they never regret meeting up. At the end of the meal, the bill tells the customers that their meal is completely free. In this cafe, you pay in time, not money. It’s a lovely promo from the brand.

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