Music streaming service Spotify tells you to let the song play in this brilliant new ad. In it, we see various people sitting in their cars. Some are delivering pizza, others are about to meet some family and some are picking up friends.

They should be getting out of their cars… but they’re not. They really want to finish listening to the song that they’ve got on, even if it means keeping other people waiting. For them, they want to let the song play right till the end and sit and enjoy it, no matter how rude it makes them look. No matter the situation, others can wait. They’re not getting out of their cars just yet.

Spotify Tells You To

In fact, some are so keen on the song, even when it ends, they click repeat, infuriating the people that are waiting for them even further. It’s a brilliant ad that really has us laughing. We’ve all been in a similar situation before, where we need to get out of the car but really want to finish off listening to our favourite song. Spotify hit the nail on the head with this commercial.

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