This eye-opening documentary from Soundfield looks at how the streaming service Spotify is changing how songs are made. How long they are, how they sound and what they sound like are all being influenced by the music giant.

Spotify has long been criticised for not paying artists enough money for their work. Each listen gets musicians as little as 0.003 pence. But Spotify say that for you to even get that small amount, at least 30 seconds of your song has to be listened to. So, in response, record labels and songwriters are using all sorts of dirty tricks to get you hooked in that precious first 30 secs.

Spotify Is Changing How Songs Are Written image of spotify

Tech has always shaped how we listen to music. Even the 3 minute pop track came out of how much music could be stored on a record. The rise of certain genres, pop styles and even track length is all being influenced by Spotify. Soundfield show us some interesting examples of how the music we listen to is changing all the time, all in a search to get more streams on Spotify. But will the streaming giant ruin music forever, or are we about to enter a new chapter of the history of the music industry?


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