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Antoine Griezmann x Puma

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Meeting Tennis Champ Roger Federer

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Wimbledon Through History

Wakeboarding Through Bangkok's Floating Markets image of dominic

Wakeboarding Through Bangkok

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All Of Arsenal’s Players Get Cockney Accents!

English football giants Arsenal and Adidas team up for this hilarious new ad. In it, we see Arsenal’s multi-national side all become cockneys!

For people who don’t know what the players sound like normally, you might miss what makes the ad so special. But for fans of the Gunners, they’ll be taken aback by hearing French players like Alexandre Lacazette, and Laurent Koscielny speaking like they’re from the East End! The dubbing is actually quite seamless, it’s really hard to tell that it’s not really their normal voices! It’s super freaky, but really funny to watch.

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