Sony celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Walkman cassette player with this charming, nostalgic short film. In it, we get a guided history through all the different designs and styles of the Sony Walkman music player.

Today, portable music isn’t really anything special. We all carry thousands of songs in our pockets at all times and people wearing headphones are a super common sight. But before the Walkman came out in 1979, the only place people could listen to music was at a concert, or at home with a record player. The Walkman changed all of that. It let us listen to whatever we wanted, wherever we wanted.

Sony Celebrates 40 Years Of Walkman With This Nostalgic Short Film gif of Walkman

In this short film, we get to look back at all the different designs and styles of the iconic Walkman players. To the modern Spotify generation, some of these players will be totally unrecognisable. Some of them look really cool, some look a little clunky, but they all look iconic. It’s great to take a look back at the awesome music player in this film. It reminds us of the massive impact that the Walkman had on pop culture, music and fashion across the globe.

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