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Skywatch is a short film directed by Colin Levy that takes us inside a dystopia filled with menacing drones.

In the film, we’re taken to a world where you can have any food or products delivered to a box that sits inside your apartment. Using a massive drone network, companies can drop whatever customers want down a chute and have it arrive at their homes in no time. Sensing an opportunity for mischief, two teen hackers decide to prank their neighbours by swapping packages around by interfering with the drones’ signal.

"Skywatch" - Short Film Starring Jude Law Shows Us A Drone-Filled Dystopia image of Skywatch

One hacked drone freaks out and crashes into the roof of a neighbouring apartment block. The boys go to see if it’s OK, but in the process accidentally activate a setting on the drone called “project osprey”. What happens next is pretty scary… It’s an incredible short film that features outstanding special effects. It feels like something that could easily pass as a Black Mirror episode. Keep watching till the end to see a surprise appearance from veteran actor Jude Law.

Skywatch|Colin Levy|Short Form

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