Skier Caroline Gleich teamed up with ski brand Jublo to bring us this incredible short film, where she looks back at some of the biggest challenges that she’s faced in her career.

Caroline loves tackling insanely high mountains. To do this, she has to complete the gruelling climb to the top, which can take days. Then, she faces the risky challenge of skiing back down it. On these descents, just one small mistake could cost her her life. She reveals how she handles the pressure and tells us the thought process that she goes through before every run.

She also tells us how she likes to challenge herself in other ways as well. She takes part in lots of activism work in order to help to save the environment. In this film she tells Jublo how the outdoors has given her so much joy over the years, so she says  that it’s only right that she returns the favour and fights to protect it. The short film is incredibly well shot and is an amazing insight into the mind of one of the most exciting athletes in the world of skiing.

Caroline Gleich|Jublo & Maxime Moulin|Sports

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