Singer Patricia Manfield, also known as Heir, takes Calvin Klein on a trip to Milan in this video.

Although her background is Italian, Patricia isn’t originally from Milan. But after studying here for a time at uni, she quickly fell in love with the city and now feels like it’s a home away from home. She shows us some of her favourite places to visit in the city. First up, we’re taken to her flash recording studio. Milan is an inspirational place for Patricia to visit, so she always makes sure that she pops in here for a quick session to lay down some new vocals when she’s in town.

Singer Heir AKA Patricia Manfield Takes Calvin Klein On A Trip To Milan image of Patricia Manfield

Next up, she takes us to her favourite place to eat. Curiously, it’s not a pizzeria or cosy traditional restaurant. Her favourite place is American burger chain Five Guys. She says that for her, nothing quite hits the spot like a big, greasy hamburger. Finally, she takes us to her favourite landmark, the iconic Duomo church. Rather than go inside it though, she tells us how she enjoys looking at it from a nearby bench whilst having a chat and a drink with mates.

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