Simon Pegg revisits his favourite scenes from the zombie-comedy film Shaun Of The Dead. The actor starred as the main character Shaun in this cult classic.

Edgar Wright was the director of the film and he’s known for his unique sense of humour. All of his films blend fast-paced action with brilliant comedic timing. In Shaun Of The Dead, one of the funniest scenes is where the characters first encounter some zombies. Completely unarmed, the main characters, Shaun and Ed decide to throw records at the zombies to try and knock them out.

Simon Pegg Revisits Scenes From

In this video Simon Pegg recalls how he decided which records to include in the scene. Only the rubbish ones get chucked, so a lot of musician’s feelings end up getting hurt! Simon tells us how he actually bumped into a lot of these musicians later on in his life. Some were happy to be included in the scene and found the whole thing funny. Others definitely did not find the whole thing quite as funny. This video is a really cool interview from GQ that gives us an interesting insight into how the movie was made.

Simon Pegg|GQ|Film

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