Scandinavian pop star Sigrid teaches Capital FM some Norwegian phrases in this interview.

In English there are a few weird sayings. Raining cats and dogs, cool as a cucumber and piece of cake are just a few of them. You might not have even realised that those sayings are a little bit weird, but think about them for a second and you’ll realise that they don’t make any sense at all. But don’t worry, English isn’t the only language with odd sayings, Norwegian has plenty of them as well.

In this video, Sigrid tells us some weird Norwegian idioms. “Stepping in the salad”, “making a bear promise” and “have you smoked your socks?” are just a few of the interesting phrases she teaches us. To be honest, they probably flow a bit better when they’re spoken in Norwegian, but in English they definitely sound a little strange. It’s the latest one of Capital FM’s interviews where they get pop stars from other countries to teach us some of their native language. Swedish singer Mabel and Albanian songstress Ava Max have both done these sorts of interviews with the radio station as well.

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