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The World’s Signs Get Broken

A Squirrel Conducts An Outdoor Orchestra In This Wacky Short Film image of Squirrel

A Squirrel Conductor

This Short Film Criticises People Who Use Tragedies To Get Likes image of Prayer Hands Emoji

Thoughts And Prayers

Short Film Captures The Stunning Arctic Tundra of Canada image of Lure Of The North

Travelling Through The Icy Tundra

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Junk Food Comes To Life!

Plaisir Sucre by MegaComputeur is a trippy short film where junk food comes to life.

In it, we see a doughnut trying to convince an overweight man to eat him. Quite why the doughnut wants to be killed isn’t all that clear. But the man resists, not wanting to give in to the suicidal pastry’s demands. The doughnut starts to get annoyed and throws a crumb at the man, causing him to fall off his chair. The doughnut then jumps into the man’s mouth, forcing the man to eat him. Yep, we told you this was a weird video…

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