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Skywatch – A Drone Dystopia

Animated Short Film Tells The Amazing Story Of The Hunt For The Last Nazi image of The Atlantic

Hunting For The Last Nazi

“Walter’s Way” – Dealing With Old Age

Animated Short Film Describes The Tragedy Of The Australian Wildfires image of Australian Wildfires

Inside The Australian Bushfires

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Sony – Hair Love

Sony made this lovely short film where we see a father struggle to style his daughters hair.

The dad is getting his daughter ready to go out. He’s dressed her, fed her and done almost everything that he needs to. But he’s got one thing left to sort out… her hair. They’re both African-American and black hair can be really tricky to style if you don’t know what you’re doing. The Dad looks a bit clueless and his attempts aren’t all that impressive. But luckily, his daughter shows him a video of her mum styling her hair. Now, things make a lot more sense for the hapless dad and he manages to sort out his daughters barnet.

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