Directors Rameez Manama and Nihal Nooh take us inside the beautiful country of Saudi Arabia in this awesome short film.

The directors put a serious amount of work into make this short film happen. They filmed over 2500 miles of the country in total in just 10 days! In it, we go from the wide open landscapes to the bustling inner cities. We get to see all the different elements that make up the stunning Middle-Eastern country in this film. Not only that, but we also get to see the food, people and culture of the kingdom as well.

Short Film Shows Us The Beauty Of Saudi Arabia image of saudi Arabia

The film also shows us how religion influences the look and feel of Saudi Arabia as a whole. The country was where the the world’s first Mosque was built and Islam is ingrained into all elements of Saudi life. We get a look inside some of grand Mosques in this short film and we also see how Saudi Arabia incorporates Islam into its fashion, culture and architecture.

Saudi Arabia|Rameez Manama & Nihal Nooh|Short Form

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