Visual artist and film maker Babysweet made this incredible short film that uses forced perspective to bring a concert to life in a totally new way.

In the video, we see the set up and performance of the band Two Door Cinema Club’s first ever show at the iconic O2 Arena. The band’s lead singer narrates the video and talks about how amazing it is to be performing at such a well-known venue.

Short Film Shows Us A Two Door Cinema Club Concert In A Whole New Way image of Two Door Cinema Club

In contrast to the large grandeur of the performance, the film uses forced perspective to make everything look really small. By using time-lapse techniques as well, it looks almost like a set of ants moving around. It has the effect of making it feel small and insignificant whilst also paradoxically making it easier to appreciate how massive the crowd is. Many famous artists say that they can never fully take in the scale of their biggest performances, so maybe this short film takes us into the shoes of Two Door Cinema Club. Like them, we’re able to appreciate the scale of the event really clearly, but it can all feel a bit detached from reality as well.

Babysweet|Two Door Cinema Club|Short Form

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