This short film from Max Joseph tells us about the significance of the signs in Hollywood and LA and how they prove that Los Angeles is a city like no other.

Los Angeles is one of the most-visited cities in the world. For lots of Americans, it’s seen as the place where dreams come true. Gorgeous weather, movie stars and fame, what more could you want? But for a city that’s so regularly visited, it’s lacking in landmarks. For other cities in the world, you might visit an ancient cathedral or a historic building. But LA is a relatively new city and there’s not really anything like that here.

But what LA does have is a lot of is signs. The most famous of all is the Hollywood sign, LA’s main landmark. Another iconic landmark is the Beverly Hills sign. But they reveal a darker side to the city. LA endorses vain, self-promotion and a chance to immortalise yourself through fame. This film looks at what the signs of LA show us about the city itself and we learn the darker hidden meaning to them that we might’ve overlooked.

LA Signs|Max Joseph|Short Form

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