Gun Shop by Patrick Smith critiques America’s love for weapons in a unique and interesting way.

In this film, we’re shown over 2000 guns in just 2 minutes at a staggering 24 frames per second. Although it’s impossible to get a good look at each gun, it reminds us of the scale of gun use in America. By the end, we’ve seen a hell of a lot of guns and it feels pretty overwhelming. What’s scary though, is that there are over 393 million guns in the US. Despite seeing thousands of weapons in this short film, we’ve only seen a tiny fraction of the firearms that are out there in the States.

Short Film

The different types of guns that we see are interesting as well. Many of them are adorned with intricate designs and artwork. Disturbingly, some of them even have images of characters from kids’ TV shows, highlighting the way that pro-gun culture is even sold to young children. It also features toy guns as well, again showing that American kids are told from a young age that guns are a good thing.

Gun Shop|Patrick Smith|Short Form

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