Lenovo gives us an unseen look inside the massive hack of Sony Pictures, which took place back in 2014.

The Fallout is a real-life story about the devastating effects that a hack can have on a company. Sony were targeted by a group called Guardians Of Peace who broke into their servers and database. They collected thousands of emails as well as a number of scripts for upcoming films. The information they leaked jeopardised entire film projects. Worse still, some of the sensitive information in a handful of emails even resulted in some high-profile resignations at Sony.

Short Film From Lenovo Takes Us Inside The 2014 Hack Of Sony Pictures image of Sony

In this short film, Lenovo show us what the hack was like for the employees at Sony. Through a dramatisation, we see the horror that the workers felt when they realised that they had been hacked. The video shows us just how damaging it can be when your company is compromised like this and warns viewers of the dangers of bad cyber-security. For Sony, the results were disastrous. It is estimated that the company lost over 100 million dollars as a result of the hack. The loss in box office sales because of leaked films as well as the huge clean-up effort was a massive blow to Sony.

Sony Hack|Lenovo|Documentary

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