Lure Of The North by groundbreaking film maker Goh Iromoto
 captures the vast, stunning emptiness of the Canadian Tundra.

The film follows two snow walkers as they traverse the lonely landscape of Northern Ontario. Canada is home to some of the largest and most isolated snow fields in the world. Trekking across them is an extremely difficult challenge, as temperatures can drop to as low as -30 degrees. Worse still, the fields are totally deserted, so if you make just one mistake, it can cost you your life.

Short Film Captures The Stunning Arctic Tundra of Canada image of Lure Of The North

This film documents the tough conditions of this area and shows us how much work goes into staying alive and keeping warm in this desolate landscape. But the director also wanted to show us the beautiful side of the Tundra as well. Seeing open fields that go on for miles and looking at somewhere that’s totally cut off from normal civilisation is really interesting. He uses a mix of close up shots and extreme wide shots to truly take us deep into the Tundra and make it feel like we’re really there for ourselves.

The Lure Of The North|Goh Iromoto|Short Form

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