The WWF tell us that we’re eating the equivalent of one credit card a week in plastic. This animation shows us how tiny microplastics have gotten into our foods, water and even in our air.

Plastic waste is a serious issue. It’s all over our oceans and it’s polluting our water supplies. Over time, the plastic gets broken down into small microplastics, which are impossible to see and difficult to filter out. These end up in our food and even our water, meaning that we’re consuming large amount of plastic over time. It’s hard to believe but, in fact, we eat a credit card’s worth of plastic every single week.

The animation points out how we need to do more to tackle plastic pollution and cut down on creating waste. It shows us just how serious the issue is. Something as simple as eating a meal or having a glass of water might become a lot more difficult in the future if we don’t act now. This animation does an excellent job of explaining a complicated and often unreported issue. It’s an amazing piece of work from the WWF.

Microplastics|WWF|3D Animation

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