Scandinavian airlines made this powerful ad where they ask, what is truly Scandinavian?

In a world where we’re more connected with other cultures and nationalities more than ever, what does it mean to be “from” a certain country? Is it the food? The inventions? The culture? What is it that defines a certain place in 2020?

Scandinavian Airlines Asks, What Is Truly Scandinavian? image of Scandinavian

In this ad, the airline goes over certain things that seem to be truly Scandinavian. But it turns out that those things aren’t from this region at all. Their iconic windmills? Persian. Scandi liquorice? Chinese. Their famous Midsommar festival? It’s not from here at all, it’s actually German. Soon we realise that all the things that seem quintessentially Nordic actually have their roots elsewhere. The airline tells us that this should be a lesson that shows us how important it is to connect with other countries and cultures. They’ve changed this region in lots of positive ways over the years. How have they changed you? Let us know down in the comments.

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