Remember when the iMac first came out? It used to have this really fun, coloured, translucent plastic casing. Then they went all serious. Now they’re fun again! Just look at the new iMac!

Look at the colours! And the fun font! And all of these features!

This is an ad that brings a few things to mind:

  1. It’s designed in the wake of the pandemic, when everyone was working from home. I doubt many other computer ads before today would have included a shot of someone speaking to hundreds of people on a Zoom call.
  2. They used the probe lens. Love those super close-up shots of fingers pressing keys? They’re probably from the probe lens, which is an ultra-wide macro lens the team at Nemorin has used a few times now.

This is a cool, vibrant, colourful ad that says plenty about the new iMac it’s advertising.

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