Samsung makes people’s online creations come to life in this cool ad.

In it, we see a designer creating a CGI monster on his laptop. It looks pretty scary, but luckily it’s not real. But then, a woman sitting in a spaceship high above the clouds casts a spell on the designers device. Then, the man hears a noise outside. He spots some huge footprints. Then he sees a chunk missing out of his car. He hears something growling in the distance…

We never actually see the monster for ourselves, but it’s clear to see that the man is definitely in a lot of danger. It’s a cool and creative ad from Samsung that shows us how the Galaxy Book can literally bring our ideas to life. Although we’re grateful for the offer, if our idea is a 8ft man-eating monster, maybe don’t make that one come to life, deal? We’re going to be pretty careful about what we come up with now, as we don’t know if Samsung are watching from the heavens, ready to summon our worst nightmares into existence.

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