Samsung announced their new cute home robot Ballie in this short ad.

In it, we see a woman going about her day to day activities at home. Throughout her morning, she’s followed by a curious little mechanical friend. Star Wars fans will notice his striking resemblance to the droid BB-8 from the new films in the franchise. Ballie interacts with the rest of the house. He opens his master’s curtains, activates her alarm and even helps her with her yoga routine.

Samsung Announced Their New Home Robot

Once the woman heads off to work, Ballie even plays with her dog. When the mutt spills a load of sprinkles on the floor, the robot activates a Roomba to clean up the mess. Basically, Ballie can do everything. It’s an interesting promo from Samsung. But the robot has split opinion online. Some think its a super cute innovation whilst other’s think it’s a little creepy. What do you think? Will we all have a pet Ballie in the future? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

Samsung|Ballie|Big Brands

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