Samsung announced their incredible new Galaxy flip phone in this great promo. This ad is quite different to Apple’s glossy, minimalist vids. It simply breaks down how they’ve managed to make a great flip phone that actually works.

The first thing that they tell us is that the phone’s screen will be 100% glass. No chunky plastic here, Samsung have invented a bendable glass that feels the same as any other smart phone. Using a cool 3D animation, they also reveal how they’ve made a seamless hinge for the phone that won’t ever wear out.

Samsung Announce Their Galaxy Z Flip Phone In This Epic Ad image of Samsung

They also explain how they’ve eliminated the risk of dust build up by adding in a little sweeper that self-cleans the phone. Finally, they remind us that with this flip tech comes a much bigger screen. With the new phone, you can have the best portability on the market with the biggest screen too. It’s a really great promo from Samsung that answers all of our curious questions in a light and entertaining way. Is this the future of phones? Only time will tell…

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