RZA from Hip Hop group The Wu-Tang Clan breaks down his favourite Kung-Fu movies of all time in this cool interview with Vanity Fair.

Wu-Tang is known for taking a massive amount of influence from Kung-Fu films and Chinese culture. The members of the group were all big fans of Kung-Fu movies when they were younger and looked to incorporate their love for these films in their music. Since their first album, the group have used samples from famous Kung-Fu films, something that had never been done in Hip Hop before.

In this interview, RZA shows us some of the scenes that he sampled audio from. For fans of the Wu-Tang Clan, it’s weird to see the actual scenes on screen that were sampled, as most people have only heard the scenes in the music and haven’t watched the films in real life. RZA also walks us through his involvement in the film industry as well. The rapper has been chosen to curate and help produce soundtracks in numerous Kung-Fu films in recent years. In fact, the rapper even directed his own Kung-Fu film, The Man With The Iron Fists back in 2012.

RZA|Vanity Fair|Film

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