Robert Pattinson talks about the reinvention of himself as an actor and being cast in the new Batman film in this interview with Variety.

The English actor gained worldwide fame when he was cast in the lead role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight series over 10 years ago. Partly due to that film, a lot of people didn’t take him that seriously as an actor and thought that he was best suited to glossy rom-coms, not serious dramas. But Robert has been proving everyone wrong recently. His latest film, The Lighthouse is a gritty, mind-bending thriller that’s a huge step away from his previous work.

In this interview, we learn about how Robert is reinventing himself and is taking on totally different movies than before. It was recently announced that he would take on the role of Batman in the new Batman movie. Some were skeptical when they first found the actor was given the role and were dubious about his abilities. But in this interview, Robert takes on the critics and chats about why he thinks he’s going to make a success of it.

Robert Pattinson|Variety|Interviews

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