Richard Branson asks Spice Girl’s star Geri Halliwell to give one of his hotel rooms at “Rockstar Treatment” in this funny ad from Virgin Voyages. You know what we mean by rockstar treatment. Telly out the window, mess everywhere, minibar raided, the usual stuff.

Geri doesn’t go quite as crazy as that though. We reckon it’s more popstar treatment, than rockstar. Geri turns up the music, rocks out and writes “girl power” on the mirror in lipstick. It looks like a fun way to spend an hour, but for our money, it’s more Madonna than Motley Crue…

Richard Branson Asks Geri Halliwell To Give A Hotel Room The

Richard rings Geri up to see how it’s all going, but she’s too busy to answer the phone. The ad ends with Branson saying that he should’ve asked “Mick” instead, referring to Rolling Stones legend Mick Jagger. To be honest, at the ripe old age of 75, we don’t think Mick would be up for giving a room the rockstar treatment either! Maybe the “ageing rockstar” treatment: a nice warm cuppa, feet up and watching a new BBC4 series. What could be better?

Richard Branson & Geri Halliwell|Virgin Voyages|Ads and Promos

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