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Esports legend JerAx featured in this revealing documentary from Red Bull that looks into his personal life and finds out what’s important to him outside of gaming.

He’d won championships at the global Dota 2 contests with his team OG. Despite being at the peak of his abilities, he suddenly retired, leaving a huge void in the gaming community he was part of. Many were confused as to why he decided to quit, but this documentary gives us some insight into his mindset and why he wanted to leave.

Red Bull Made This Revealing Documentary About The Life Of Pro Gamer JerAx image of JerAx

He talks about the sacrifices that he had to make to get to his level in the sport and how in retrospect he might’ve been overextending himself too much. To get to the top of any profession, you have to sometimes put family and friends aside, but JerAx felt like he had been neglecting the people who were close to him for too long. It’s an incredibly personal and emotional doc that connects us with one of the most skilled pro gamers of all time.

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