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Rapper Post Malone walks GQ through his tattoos and their meaning in this video.

Post is famous for his iconic face tattoos as well as all the other ink on his body. Some people aren’t that keen on the look, but everyone agrees that his style is certainly eye-catching. GQ already spoke to him about his tattoos back in 2016, but he’s got lots more done since then, so there are plenty of new updates to discuss. His most well-known ones are his sword piece on his cheek, the “always tired” tats under his eyes and the barbed wire marked across his forehead.

Rapper Post Malone Breaks Down His Iconic Tattoos With GQ image of Post Malone

People who’re covered in tattoos are often stereotyped as being unapproachable or mean, but Post is the complete opposite of that. He’s known as one of the friendliest guys in Hip Hop and his songs often cover topics like heartbreak, relationships and mental health. It’s really cool to hear why he decided to look the way he does and where he draws his inspiration from. Did you enjoy the video? Let us know down in the comments.

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