UK Grime artist D Double E voices numerous household items in this funny christmas ad from Ikea.

The ad starts with a woman looking down at her phone and sees a message from her mate asking if she can have dinner at her place. The women looks around at her messy house and has to think twice before she replies. But before she can do that, various ornaments in her house come to life, voiced by D Double, as they perform a rap criticising her messy flat.

Rapper D Double E Stars In Hilarious New Ikea Christmas Ad image of D Double E

The rap is brutal and nothing is safe from criticism. D Double trash talks her curtains, her floor, her dining table, all of it. He offers a solution to all of this though, a trip to Ikea. At the end of the ad, the living room is revitalised, thanks to a lot of new stuff from the Swedish superstore. Everyone online was totally shocked to hear D Double E in this ad. The rapper is known for his aggressive and hard hitting lyrical style, so hearing him rapping in this context is totally insane.

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