Ubisoft released this awesome promo ahead of the release of their new game Rainbow Siege Six. In it, we see a man walking around an empty graveyard. But all isn’t as it seems…

At first, it looks like he’s mourning a friend he lost during a battle in a war. But as the camera pans out, it’s revealed that he’s actually looking at his own grave. Then, the man walks over to another one grave and tells us how he was killed in battle time and time again. His deaths will be familiar to anyone who’s played first person shooters before. Spawn kills, silly mistakes and over-confident gun battles are often the main causes of deaths to the man in the video.

He recounts each death like a commanding officer might recount lost troops from his platoon. As the ad gets more intense, we’re taken inside the game itself and get to see some of the action that the man is referring to. It’s a really clever and funny ad that pokes fun at serious motifs and cliches that you often see in war films.

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