Qualcomm celebrates the next generation of inventors with this epic ad. In it, a team assemble a complicated obstacle course, which eventually spells out a message that reads: “Welcome To The Invention Age”.

We’ve seen these kinds of videos before online, where a series of objects and contraptions are all set up in a certain way. One by one, all the different elements come together to create a seamless course. Just one little mistake would derail the whole thing, so it’s amazing to see it all working perfectly. We can tell by the cheers from the staff at the end that this probably took quite a few tries though.

It’s a clever and interesting ad that champions the work that Qualcomm does with the non-profit organisation First. The non-profit looks to help children learn about research and robotics. It looks like they’re doing a good job, as you’d have to be pretty talented to create the crazy contraption that we see in the ad. Did you like watching the invention in action? Do you think that you could create something like this? Let us know down in the comments.

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