Puma take us on a trip into space in the cool new ad. In it, Czech singer Ben Cristovao is launched into orbit and tries on his new pair of sneakers on The Moon.

We see Ben floating around the atmosphere looking at all of his sneakers and clothes. He gets to see the shoes at all angles, as they spin around in zero-gravity. After that, Ben lands on the moon and shows off some seriously cool space wear. We’re not sure how he’s breathing up there, but he looks so good in this ad, we don’t even care.

Puma Takes A Trip Into Space image of Puma

Puma have been hitting it out of the park recently with their super cool ads. They’ve been pushing the boundaries and have made tons of flashy, high-budget promos in recent years. Their ads often have a futuristic feel to them, making them feel like something you might see in a sci-fi blockbuster movie. If these clothes and shoes look just as good down here on Earth as they do in space, we bet that people will love to get their hands on them.

Puma|Ben Cristovao|Fashion

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