Puma take us into an awesome video game world in this exciting new ad. In it, a man’s surroundings are transformed to look like a virtual video game world.


He has to collect coins, race in carts and even fight a cloned version of himself! It’s a crazy whirlwind ride that blows you off your feet! The ad is jammed-packed with loads of cool gaming easter eggs too. References to Mario Kart and The Sims as well as other games are dotted all over. Any gaming fan will have a fun time trying to spot them all! See how many you can find!

Puma Take Us Into An Awesome Video Game World gif of man

Puma are known for creating some of the coolest and most high-tech ads out there and this one is no exception! We reckon a few execs at Puma HQ are must be big gaming fans, as they often feature styles from old school video games in their commercials. We’re loving this one, maybe it’s time for other companies to “Level-up” their commercials too!

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