Prada and Adidas show you how they made their new collaborative sneaker in this cool video.

In the vid, we’re taken inside of a futuristic looking factory where all the elements of the shoe are put together, piece by piece. The shoe’s shell toe is put in place, the soles are buffed and the iconic “three stripes” are cut. Seeing the shoe so perfectly deconstructed is really fascinating. We get to see all of the secret ingredients that go into making the iconic shoe.

Prada And Adidas Made This Super Satisfying Ad For Their New Sneaker image of Prada and Adidas

The ad ends with us being presented with the finished product. It’s an interesting collaboration between the two brands. Seeing Adidas step into the world of high fashion is something that we’ve not really seen before. It’ll be interesting to see whether the collaboration blends the advertising style of both companies. Prada are known for their rather austere and classy ads, whereas Adidas are known more for their bright and bouncy promos. The worlds of sportswear and fashion are colliding in an epic way. Who knows what’s next?

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