“We Are Nurses” celebrates the hard work done by nurses working in the National Health Service in the UK.

The ad looks to inspire new nurses to join the NHS and take on an exciting new challenge. In this video we see all the different roles that nurses take on day to day. They’re expected to be fast-thinking assistants in high-pressure situations, they’re expected to be a shoulder to cry on and they’re a vital part of the NHS and without them, it could never survive. Basically, by the end of the ad, you’re left with one thought, these women and men are superheroes.

Powerful Commercial Celebrates NHS Nurses image of NHS We Are Nurses

This video highlights the amazing work that staff in the NHS do everyday. It works brilliantly as a recruitment drive promo, as all of the people featured in the ad are incredibly inspirational. It doesn’t look to mislead anyone, it makes it crystal clear that this is a tough job indeed. But it’s a job that’s vital to keeping the people of Britain safe and sound and it’s a job that’s extremely rewarding for anyone who does it.

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