Visual artist Alex Grigg created this powerful animation for the school climate strike that’s due to take place next week.

Following on from the similar strikes that happened in the past, children from around the world are planning on walking out of lessons as a protest against the inaction over climate change by their governments. The huge movement has been very successful thus far, but the protesters still think that not enough is being done to stop global warming.

Powerful Animation Tells Children To Join The School Strike For Climate Change image of School Striker For Climate

In this short animation, we see a young girl holding a sign that reads “The Youth Are Rising”. Then, a living slick of oil spews out of the ground. Unperturbed, the girl stands strong, and through sheer will she forces the oil back into the ground. The ad looks to empower and support children who are standing up to large corporations and governments. Kids from around the globe will be defying their parents and their schools next week by marching out to fight for their futures. It’s a moving appeal that reminds us of the immense power that just one person can have.

Alex Grigg|School Strike For Climate|Charities and Appeals

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