US Hip Hop sensation Post Malone released this epic, Game Of Thrones-inspired music video for his new single Circles.

In it, we see the rapper traversing a burnt out battlefield. Post has survived the affray, but he’s now left on his own and has to fend for himself. He starts off on a quest to be reunited with his partner, who is stuck high in a tower, not unlike the fantasy damsel Rapunzel. As the video goes on it gets more and more surreal. Post has to fight off zombie-like creatures that look similar to the Whitewalker creatures in Game Of Thrones.

Post Malone Releases A Game Of Thrones-Inspired Music Video For

This isn’t the first time that Post Malone and Game Of Thrones have been connected. The rapper has a lookalike in the TV series. Many fans online pointed out how he bore a striking resemblance to the character Pod, played by actor Daniel Portman. If you don’t believe us, take a look on Google of the two of them side by side, the resemblance is uncanny. This music video is a really ambitious and interesting piece of work from Post Malone. We can’t wait to see more stuff like it in the future from the rapper.

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