Porsche released this classy ad for their first fully electric sports car, the Porsche Taycan.

This is Porche’s first proper electric vehicle and the car maker is following in the footsteps of Tesla and BMW, among others. In this ad, we get a close up look at the stunning Taycan. The car has all the classic “cool factor” of Porsche cars of old but it also has a modern, cutting-edge feel to it too.

Porsche Shows Off Their First Electric Car With This Classy Ad image of Porsche Taycan

The hype around this car has been wild and people are going crazy for it now that it’s here. But one criticism that people have thrown at electric cars in the past is that they don’t have the same “feel” as proper petrol cars. But in this ad, Porsche flips that concept on its head. The ad is scored by an epic soul vocal. It ends by saying that the new car is “soul, electrified”, implying that the fact the car is electric isn’t a downgrade, it’s an upgrade. The last thing we hear in the promo is the visceral sound of the car rapidly accelerating, proving to us that this is one serious machine.

Porsche|Porsche Taycan|Big Brands

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