Great Big Story meet Kings Cross Steelers RFC, the first LGBT rugby team in the world. Founded all the way back in 1995, the team’s mission was to offer a place for gay rugby players to play where they knew they weren’t going to be judged.


Rugby is one of the most macho sports out there and gay players can sometimes feel a little left out. The sport is notorious for ramping up bravado and “banter” is a big part of rugby culture. As a counter to this, King Cross Steelers wanted their players to know that everyone was welcome in their squad and that any offensive language or comments wouldn’t be tolerated.

Playing With Pride On The Rugby Pitch gif of rugby

The team is a mix of gay, bi-sexual and straight men. Anyone is welcome in the team, but the squad serves as a haven for gay men who are worried about homophobia within the sport. In this documentary, we learn how the club got started and why. We also learn about how homophobia is still a big issue in the game and how the sport still has a long way to go to fully accepting all sexualities into the world of rugby.

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