Pixar made this charming instructional video where they tell you how to make traditional bao dumplings. It’s off the back of their success of their short film Bao, which is about a dumpling ball that comes to life.

In this video, we see the title character return to help the chef create the iconic Chinese treat. She walks us through how to prepare the dough, what to put inside and how to cook it using traditional steaming methods. It’s easy to follow and our little helper has us chuckling throughout.

It’s a really clever promo from Disney that teaches us something new. Many Western audiences will have looked at the delicious bao in the short film and wanted to eat one for themselves. Any good Asian restaurant will serve these to you, but now you’ll be able to make them from the comfort of your own home. Will you try out the tasty recipe for yourself? How do you make your baos? Let us know down in the comments.

Pixar|Bao|2D Animation

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