British photographer David McCabe shares his memories of Andy Warhol in this short documentary by NOWNESS.

In 1964, Andy Warhol invited the young and talented photographer David McCabe to his famous “Glass House” in Connecticut to take photos of his day to day life. David stayed there for one year and was tasked with capturing Warhol’s life on film. At the time, David didn’t quite realised just how important his photos would become in the future and how valuable they would be one day. He was excited to take on such a big project, but wasn’t really sure what exactly Warhol wanted him to capture.

Photographer David McCabe Shares His Memories Of Andy Warhol image of Andy Warhol

David loved the Glass House. It was completely see-through and made entirely of, you guessed it, glass. In the 1960s, the building was truly unique and was a marvel of architecture. For David, the vast amount of natural light allowed him to get shots that are almost impossible to get anywhere else. This video gives us an interesting insight into the kind of person that Warhol was. It gives us a window into the enigmatic artist that the world hasn’t really seen before.

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